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Good day! Today’s topic gets me very excited because it’s on networking! Haha. If you are not new here, then you know I talk about it a lot. Why? Because it is a valuable skill to learn especially for those of us in business. I owe every single job and contract I’ve had through my

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Holaaa! It’s yet another exciting episode and today, I’m interviewing The Fabulous Golda Addo. Her strength and character are just so admirable. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s dig in! Ama Duncan (AD): Hi Golda. I appreciate you for making time for this conversation. Golda Addo (GA): It’s a pleasure. AD: I really have to commend your

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Hello ya’ll and welcome once again. If you know me, you’ll know that I loooove networking. Why? Every single job and business contract I’ve ever had since I started working has been through my network. I even found my boo through my network *blushing*! Networking is a game changer; the people we surround ourselves with

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Happy new month! Have you heard of Feng Shui therapy before? Well, today Selorm Dreamaker educates us about that, interior designing and more in this conversation. Enjoy! Ama Duncan (AD): Hello Selorm! I’m very excited to finally get this interview. Thank you for making time. Selorm Djaba-Mensah (SDM): Thank you so much too. (AD): Please

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Here’s what I have noticed; many of these women have brilliant ideas to do projects to help other people e.g. abused women, underrepresented children, etc. They are passionate about helping others and I think that is beautiful. However, I have noticed most of these women don’t have the means for these dreams to come to pass.

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My Story

Dealing with low self-esteem

I was born in Sekondi to a nurse and a farmer. When I was about 5 years, we moved to Komenda, a small town in the Central Region of Ghana. Even though I was one of the best students in primary school, I always felt ‘little’ when we travelled to cities like Cape Coast, Accra and Takoradi.

I felt everyone there was more beautiful, more intelligent, spoke better English and was generally better than me. I had a similar experience in secondary school, always looking down on myself and feeling I was not good enough. Oh, how I wished I were an ‘Accra girl’ because I thought they were so cool! Yet, when my family finally moved to Accra, I still didn’t feel cool. On top of this, I didn’t even have a boyfriend! If only I could get a boyfriend, then I will be cool like the other girls… I thought.

In University, I met some really wonderful friends, some of whom were from ‘rich’ families and I thought being friends with them will make me feel cool. I didn’t. I had the opportunity to start travelling abroad, and I was certain that when I returned, I most definitely will feel cool and belong in a ‘cool girls click’.  Well, I did have cool friends before and after travelling; still, I didn’t feel like I was cool and ‘there’ yet. Oh, by the way, in my third year, I finally had a real boyfriend (now my husband). Not only that, but he also lived abroad, and hence, I occasionally went to visit him, which should have made me feel cool, or? Well, guess what, I still didn’t!

Even as a career woman working in an international four-star hotel as a manager, I looked down on myself. Once my General Manager called me into his office and asked why I never came asking for a pay raise and promotion when other managers always came to him with such requests. My response was ‘I want to earn it, not ask for it’. That was a half-truth. The real reason was that I felt I was not good enough to deserve more. I convinced myself that ‘I was not there yet’. I used to look at my friends who were lawyers, doctors or pursuing something big and wished I could do that too. I also wanted to be ‘somebody’.

To make matters worse, I was just getting pregnant and fat! After having my two kids, I thought getting an MBA will make me finally feel cool and ‘important’, yet I felt no different after completion. Even with a handsome husband and two adorable kids who doted on me, I thought I had very little value. Interestingly, at various stages in my life, I would meet people who were so impressed by and thought highly of me, yet I never saw what they saw. Mostly when people even complimented me, I doubted them and thought they were just trying to be nice. 

How I found my ‘cool.’

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