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Yarns of inspiration I

21 easy-to-read inspirational stories about some of the experiences the author has had and lessons learnt from them

Yarns of inspiration II

An entrepreneur’s quest to succeed in spite of low self-esteem, fear and self-doubt

Networking Made Easy

An Easy-To-Understand Networking Guide For Startups And Students

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Mind Your Business

Join Ama Duncan on Tuesdays at 12pm GMT for MIND YOUR BUSINESS. This is her weekly video podcast in which she teaches practical action steps new business leaders can use to move their businesses to the next level. You may join on YouTube

Weekly Book Reviews

Do you believe that leaders are readers? Every Wednesday at 6pm GMT, Ama Duncan goes live in The Fabulous Woman Community (private women-only group) to review an impactful and insightful book. Join the group here