Ama Duncan


I was in a meeting with a client when it came. The email. Subject: Re: Lunch with Madame Christine Lagarde (IMF Managing Director). My eyes widened as I thought ‘no way!’ I immediately showed it to my client who was incredulous as well. Actually, he said something but I can’t even remember.

Be bold for change

Years back I had an opportunity to work in a foreign country using their Working Holiday Visa. When I started my job search, it was not funny. I must have sent hundreds of applications, many of which I never got responses.

Simple, fabulous and romantic

I heard the most beautiful story recently about this couple whom I deemed to be pretty romantic in their relationship.

You know, the husband actually calls in to check on her quiet often during the day, they go for vacations at least twice a year as a priority, the wife cooks all …

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