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While on the Mandela Washington Fellowship two years ago, Kellogg’s School of Business at Northwestern University (USA) did a wonderful job of exposing us to the different tech and business incubation hubs in Chicago. Once a week we would go on a site visit to mostly hubs and I was really impressed by the sizes of the co-working spaces or shared offices/workspaces as well as the equipment I saw. In fact in one of the hubs, I saw a very lovely Ghanaian woman who shared her story about how renting an office space was so difficult and frustrating until she got a place at that particular hub.

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Ama Duncan YALI Network
YALI Voices Podcast: Ama Duncan Brings Women Together in The Fabulous Woman Network

As the person who created the Fabulous Woman Network, who has also had some experience in the corporate field, here is what I have to say to men. Women have a lot of buried treasures and potentials that can be used. Don’t only focus on what it is that you’ve seen, for instance, they are good at typing or answering the phone or making coffee or doing whatever. There’s so much more that we can do in the workplace. Push the women. Give them more challenging roles, and you’ll be amazed. Even when pregnant nine months, you’ll be amazed the results that women can deliver.

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