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Last night, I hosted the final group meeting of cohort 4 of my group coaching for startups. Before we ended, one of the ladies asked ‘Ama, please check my social media activities. What else should I do to get more sales?’ I took a look and recommended a few tweaks. Other than that, the main thing was for her to be consistent with her marketing activities. We then had a brief discussion of some of the features I’d been hammering on, making a case for why they should consistently use  them.

Later in the night, I was musing on her question and asked myself ‘which of the features would I use more of, in order to ultimately increase my sales?’ Facebook live videos! But of course, the value it adds to sales cannot be overestimated. This is why it breaks my heart when I see small business owners running away from videos, let alone live videos. In my head I am thinking, you’re sitting on gold but refusing to dig it.

I am sure you’ve read or heard me somewhere giving plenty reasons why Facebook live videos are bae. Now allow me to beat a gonggong to make my case. Here are three reasons why I would encourage you to use more of Facebook live videos. Before I get to it, let me explain why Facebook. It is still the largest social media platform in the world. You know what this means right? By all means, your target audience is among the people roaming its streets. Grab them!

OK so the 3 reasons:

  1. You get to speak directly to your audience in real time. You get to share your message and answer their questions if any. They get to see you live (if you show your face and I hope you do). They see that you are a real human, have a feel of your personality and connect with you. This my friend, builds the whole know-like-trust factor which you need.

2. Your followers can get notified when you go live and so can join you live. Even if they watch only a second of your entire video, they have seen you. Think of it as someone spotting your billboard on a highway while driving past. They may not pay attention, but you’ve registered somewhere on their minds. This is a great way to create brand awareness. One day, they’ll start paying attention. Be consistent with this and see how it changes your engagement.

3. Speaking of engagement, did you know the average increase in engagement you get with Facebook live videos? 6 times! Yep. In this day and age when social media engagement keeps dropping, you want to go live Baby. Oh yes, you gotta.


Many people who patronize my products and services have been watching me live. How do I know this? They ask questions about the product during the live, or send private messages with the questions. If you read my blog post last week, then you know I have been using Facebook live videos for three years. My point is, you can get the results with consistency.

And so to answer the question of what I would and should do more of, it’s definitely more Facebook live videos. If you are thinking any of these, but Ama I can’t do a live video:

  • I am shy of how people will judge me.
  • I am afraid of making mistakes while I am live.
  • I am not sure of how to do it.
  • I don’t know what I would say.

Facebook Live For Beginners Online Course

Girrrrrrrl or Boyyyyyyy I gotchu! You are the reason I created Facebook Live For Beginners online course. And guess what, I am relaunching it this month! This course will help you learn the skills, strategies and tools you need to confidently speak to your audience through Facebook live videos even if you’ve never done one before.

It was originally scheduled to launch on 14th November, 2020. But our President has declared a 7-day mourning to honour our late former president JJ Rawlings. Due to this, I am postponing the launching of my Facebook Live For Beginners online course to Friday 20th November, 2020. Until then, keep on moving forward.

Ama xx


Facebook Live For Beginners is for you if you:

❤️need to speak to your audience in real time
❤️need to increase your engagement on Facebook
❤️want to host a live show on Facebook

BUT, you are

?afraid of making mistakes
?shy of videos
?worried about the technology
?not sure of how to create the content

In Facebook Live For Beginners, I give you the skills, strategies and tools you need to confidently create your Facebook live videos even if you’ve never done one before.

Early bird ticket is $37/220ghs until Black Friday, and then it goes to the full price of $57/330ghs.

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