‘Do you realize what you are doing is like selling your Pathfinder 4X4 SUV to buy a Tico – a small car?’ This is what Abigail’s then boss told her when she was resigning from her position as a District Operations Supervisor with a giant organisation to join Clean Team Ghana (a project that was yet to be registered as a business) in 2012.

Get this, when she joined Clean Team Ghana, her workstation was under a tree near a public toilet! Tell me please, how would you feel if this were you? In this episode of Mind Your Business, Abigail shares what kept her going – an opportunity to learn and build a legacy. 

She is now the CEO of Clean Team Ghana and her dream for the company is to build a sustainable business which will outlive her. But how has the journey been? Some of her stories really got me thinking…She entitled her talk; dreams do come true. I hope it inspires you.

Ama xx

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