‘When you tell God you want something, there is a way things work out. But you must be ready for the opportunity.’ Lady Folake’s words couldn’t be more true! 

Watching her presentation from iFAB 2022 has brought so many memories of the beginning of the iFAB dream and how scared I was. How I begged God to permit me not to do it. How I cried like a baby but afterwards felt re-assured that HE IS ALWAYS WITH ME and I had nothing to worry about. 

In her presentation she shared her own dream as a banker; to be an Executive Director of a bank. And how in an unusual way, that dream came to pass for her. 

Let me pause here and ask you; what is your own dream? Yours too shall come to pass in due time, and may I add ‘with ease’. Amen.

Lady Folake’s presentation was full of nuggets especially for us ambitious children of God: 

*You must be remembered for something. 

*Speak up; your voice must be heard (e.g. in meetings). 

*Get help; outsource certain activities so you can make time for other important activities to you. *Plan your finances. 

*Balance your finances and good behaviour. 

*Be excellent. Do not compromise on your standards. 

*Work smart. Ask yourself, what value do I add? 

*No matter what we do, no matter where we are, God is looking out for us. And because of this we are sure that our dreams will be realised. God is the one who crowns our very efforts with success. 

And I love her own definition of The Fabulous Woman: Adding value + confidence + excellence + God’s favour!

Be blessed as you enjoy this fabulous episode of Mind Your Business

Ama xx

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