Riddle Riddle! You have only 3 options of rooms to sleep in. The first has over 5000 different kinds of poisonous snakes. The second has some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists. And the third room has ferocious lions who haven’t been fed for 5 years! Which one will you choose to sleep in?

The above story and many others were shared in a very engaging presentation by Dr. David Kelvin Amoo Osae Jr during the 2022 iFAB. He spoke on the concept of tithing and giving. That day was just 💥💥💥

Here are a few quotes from him:

  • Take a notebook and record 10% of any monies you receive including the value of gifts.  
  • Money will come by itself if you position yourself well.
  • Don’t use energy to make money, use your head.

PS: I see how our creative team ‘conveniently’ ended the video before we see the amount he donated hehe. I promise you it was a generous amount which went a long way to cover some of the event costs. And oh, that prophecy he gave to me at the end came true at this year’s iFAB.

I have listened to this episode of Mind Your Business twice already and will keep listening because Ei, I am claiming the prosperity God has promised me through tithing and giving!💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 I hope you listen too and be blessed.

You are fabulous! 

Ama xxPS: Ladies, we have The Fabulous Woman Community Meeting at 8pm GMT on Sunday 23rd July. If you haven’t registered for our membership already, do so here https://bit.ly/The-FW-Community-Membership so you can receive the link in time to join.