Hello guys! We have a new author in our midst! Meet Dr. Nadia Denis (Dr. Nadia for short) in this conversation about her passion for the youth and her new book. Are you excited? Let’s get on with it already!

Ama Duncan(AD): I’m so happy to sit with you Dr. Nadia. This time not on a coaching call but to talk about your journey and the exciting news of your book. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your book!

Dr. Nadia Denis(ND): Thank you so much Ama, and thanks for having me.

AD: I see you’re very passionate about the youth and spend a lot of time mentoring the youth. Tell us about your youth. What was your journey like?

ND: For my youthful days, I grew up on two Caribbean islands. One was the US Virgin Island and the other was where I was raised, St. Lucia. It was all cheerful and joyous and I had both parents with me. But transitioning, that’s where all the brokenness started. I wouldn’t want to give too much details right now because it’s all in the book but before all that, it was very peaceful and happy and we were very well known in the community as well. My youthful days were pleasantly family oriented. But transitioning to the West Virgin Islands, that’s where the downfall started. So I would say it was a half and half.

AD: What led to the transitioning?

ND: The transitioning to living with a stepmother changed the whole dynamics of my family upbringing. Before this, we lived together with our loving parents. My mum was a teacher and my dad was a construction worker. So in search of the American dream to make things better in America, that’s when everything went downhill.

AD: What inspired you to focus on ministering to the youth?

ND: I was a teacher for over 15 years. From the move to America was when I began my teaching career. And after there, I moved to some other states as well. So one of the states that started me off with mentoring was in Florida. That was where my whole teaching career started off. I got a teaching job at an Alternative Center with students who were displaced in the community, students with dysfunctional behaviors from all walks of life. That was what brought my heart so close to those children. I’m talking about students who had been incarcerated, students living in poverty, students who had been abused just like myself, etc. And with the Alternative school setting, it did have a traditional school setting as well, so every morning we’d come together and I’ll speak into their lives and they just gravitate towards me. Some of these kids actually came to live with me. And my husband also accepted them into our home. That is just who I am, it gives me joy to get closer to these children and be there for them. It’s just something I’m passionate about.

AD: God bless you for that. I think that’s amazing. So do you still do this actively? What do you currently do?

ND: Currently, I’m not actively working with the youth but I do reach out a lot. I’m now a program manager for an educational company. And I do a lot of consultation with parents to bring in students to help with their educational goals and needs and we deal with students as young as three years to college level. We have a school setting and an after school program of which I manage both. When I share my stories with some of these parents, it really gives them some hope and inspiration and they readily sign up their children.

AD: Fantastic! We are in a season in which many are recovering from the effects of COVID-19. Please share a few self-help tips on how to keep going when the going gets tough.

ND: By God’s grace, I wasn’t affected dearly by the COVID-19. We didn’t shut down but I do sympathize with those who went through losses in their businesses because of it. I don’t have a particular strategy I use but first and foremost its God, because I’m a firm believer that God will take care of his people. Always put God first.

AD: Always put God first indeed! Thank you for sharing this. Once again, congrats on your book! When is it launching?

ND: It’s on Amazon, Apple store, Kindle and anybody can buy from me as well. And in a few months too, we’ll have the audio version. So we going people! Hehe

AD: Exciting! A little birdy told me about your upcoming trip to Ghana. Please tell us about it.

ND: Yes! It gives me shivers and I get so excited about it. I really love Africa! I love the African culture, the food and the beauty of the country. So I’ll be coming to Ghana and part of what I’ll be doing will be missions as well. In October, I’ll be coming with my team. I can’t wait to meet all the amazing people I network with in Ghana.

AD: You will love Ghana! Before I let you go, complete the following with a short phrase or sentence:

If I could advise my younger self in one short sentence, I would say “Be strong, just be yourself and stop taking opinions of others”.

I am fabulous because “I am beautiful, because I am enough, because I have God!”.

One book that has greatly helped me in business is “Healing the soul of a woman by Joyce Meyer”.

AD: Oh yes, you’re absolutely enough! Where can we find you Dr. Nadia?

ND: On social media, you can get me through my virtual assistant (VA Baffo). I’m available on Facebook as Dr. Nadia Landers on Instagram as Dr. Nadia and on LinkedIn and Tiktok as well as!

AD: Dr. Nadia, thank you so much and I wish you all the best in your book launch. I look forward to meeting you when you come over to Ghana. God bless you.

ND: Definitely. I look forward to connecting with you in Ghana. And thank you for having me on your platform. I had fun and I look forward to more fun again.

Well, wasn’t this amazing! I kept getting goosebumps as I had this conversation with Dr. Nadia. I hope it inspired you and there are actionable steps you’re hoping to take after reading this. Click here to get your copy of Broken But Not Defeated and get another for someone too.

Let me know your take on this in the comments too. Until next time, keep being fabulous ya’ll.

Ama xx

About Dr. Nadia Denis

Since 2017, Dr. Denis has invested her time helping teens around the world by ministering into their lives. She goes on missionary trips to Honduras, Cayman Brac and Florida to speak to sexually abused and delinquent teens. She mentors, encourages and motivates each one to think big, dream big, and believe in themselves. She has recently launched her first book called ‘Broken But Not Defeated’ which is based on her life experiences including being a teenage mother, going through separation among others. She received a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Capella University in 2016, Masters from Nova Southeastern University, Associates from Taylor Business Institute and Bachelors degree from St. Francis College. Dr. Denis is a devoted mother to a smart young woman. Her vision is to see a world in which young adults are breaking barriers to have a brighter future.