Hello, I hope your week has started off well. Recently I got to sit down with Ofosua Daaku Ammah for a lovely conversation. Before our recent International Fabulous Women’s Conference, I had an idea of a picture I wanted on our merchandise. But I couldn’t create it myself (I have come to accept that drawing is not my strength at this time). And girl did she deliver! If you are someone with beautiful art ideas but find it difficult to create them yourself, then you need to connect with Ofosua.

Ofosua Daaku Ammah (née Akosua Ofosua Owusu-Daaku) is the founder of Enosua’s heArt. After graduating with a BSc. Electrical/Electronic Engineer from KNUST, Kumasi, Ofosua built a career in the FMCG industry and is currently a Regional Innovations Project Management Office Lead in a multinational company. Along the way, Ofosua realised her creative passions in art, food, skin care and fashion could be utilised beyond being mere hobbies or personal solutions for herself and founded Enosua’s heArt, a company that pours their heart into their art. 

Currently, Ofosua through Enosua’s heArt focuses on bringing her Bible Inspirations to others — which she has been circulating since 2018 — by placing her clients’ preferred Enosua’s heArt Bible Inspirations on gift items or creating Bible Inspirations for them on request. Enosua’s heArt also creates digital images for individuals and businesses after Ofosua realised how hard it was at times to find just the right image online to use as needed. Enosua heArt can be contacted on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or email and are delighted to serve you. 

I am impressed with how Ofosua is monetising her talent to have an additional stream of income. I learnt from her that no matter where you are in your career you can use your gifts to earn extra income. Listen to her full interview here and I hope it blesses you as much or more than it blessed me. 

And by the way, she has a really cool offer for this year’s mothers day. Reach out to Ofosua here

Stay fabulous!

Ama xx

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