Hey you, how’s your Palm Sunday going so far? Mine has been full of dancing at church, sleep, sleep, sleep at home 🙂 and now a bit of work. So earlier this week we shared a beautiful conversation with Rissi Carrey and I believe it will bless you.

Rissi is a member of the clergy, a counselor, a transformational coach who desires to empower others to walk in total freedom and gain capacity to live out their purposes to their fullest potential. 

Rissi is especially drawn to the broken woman who has gone through deep trauma and feels stuck. She is dedicated to unraveling the tangling emotional issues that keep women bound. She uses her signature program Emotional Detox to give women the tools and give voice and language to their pain as she guides them through emotional healing, identity work and peeling back the layers of self-doubt and crippling fear. 

Rissi also offers inner healing from generational trauma, physical trauma, unmet needs, unresolved issues, mother wounds and father wounds for those who desire a forward living purpose-driven life. 

Rissi is a licensed minister, a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest holistic education for health and wellness in the United States, She is a candidate for a Master’s degree in Clinical Social work (completing clinical hours for the degree). 

Rissi has an interest in the integration of Social Work and Spirituality. She desires to bridge spirituality and evidence based research in relation to emotional well-being. Rissi is the CEO of Risoasis Inc, a business dedicated to wellness and wholeness in the mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Born in Ghana by a Nigerian father and Ghanaian mother, she got to work for the United Nations and it was during this period that she got saved in Geneva. Rissi believes there is some mystery about her that is still unfolding and she’s excited to see how that unfolds.

In this interview, Rissi shares the story of what led her to supporting broken women, some of whom are in leadership. Listen and be blessed. And as we enter this Easter season, may you show up as your fabulous self!

Ama xx

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