Happy last Sunday of May! Interviewing Rosalin on Mind Your Business for this week’s episode was quite emotional for me and I’ll get to it shortly. But gosh, can you believe how fast we’re moving into the mid-year already? What have you been up to anyway? We have been beautifully busy at Fab Hub Ashanti with the NEIP Youth In Innovative Agricultural Programme and Bar Soap Making Training for women in Aboabo Kesse #Godisgood. 

Back to Rosalin, this woman is truly The Fabulous Woman! Rosalin is a seasoned and successful leader with a track record of producing, presenting and managing the implementation of innovative hospitality and tourism business solutions and services in Africa and across the world in the past 15 years. Rosalin is a person with dyslexia who started reading and writing at age 17. She holds an MSc in International Hospitality Management from Swiss Hotel Management School in Switzerland. 

She is a Walt Disney Hospitality Leadership Fellow and worked as Guest Experience Manager at Walt Disney World, U.S.A. Currently, Rosalin is the Lead Consultant at iQ Mundo (Hospitality & Education Consulting firm), Swiss Education Group Country Representative for Ghana-Liberia-Sierra Leone and founding curator of Dodowa Hub of Global Shapers community and founder of Africa Dyslexia Organisation.

Reading her brief bio above, it may be difficult to imagine the experiences she went through because she couldn’t read like other kids in school. She didn’t know she had a learning difference called Dyslexia until she was an adult. Her interview made me ponder a lot on how I’ve behaved in the past towards others who learned differently. I definitely can’t change the past, but I have gained more awareness about the differences among humans and the need to be more discerning when interacting with others.

Listen to this insightful interview with Rosalin and share your thoughts in the comments. And before I let you go, know this; YOU ARE FABULOUS!

Ama xx

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