Happy Sunday! Have you missed me as much as I’ve missed myself this week 🙂 Fab Youth Camp started on Monday and the experience has been way more fantastic than I ever imagined! And I will definitely share as much as I can as soon as possible. For now, let me share this Mind Your Business conversation with two fabulous sidepreneurs.

Barbara Acquah is a Professional Teacher who also runs a pre and primary school. She also owns  a bead and accessories shop called B-Buttins  and an all-hair accessories shop also called AprilModista. Finally, she is your ‘Sexy Baker’ at LoafLoverz.

Contact Barbara https://www.instagram.com/nanesi_acquah/

Emmanuella Boatemaa Asaw is a student, Care Worker and Co-founder of Patella Fashions.

Contact Emmanuella https://www.instagram.com/patella_fashion 

This was queit a conversation! Listen https://youtu.be/fCtI3sLF6nE and let me know what spoke to you.

Ama xx

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