Hello there,

We are almost at the end of 2020! Time does fly indeed. If you are in business, then I bet you have set you business goals for the final quarter already. Here is a tip that I thought might help.

The visit…

Recently I visited a very good friend for a business conversation. Ahead of the visit, she had informed me about a waiting ball of Ga Kenkey. It was from a new Ga Kenkey joint in Kumasi and so naturally I couldn’t wait!

Well, it was soon dinner time and my hungry stomach was more than ready… But I took one look at the boiling kenkey and thought ‘oh this is too big, I can’t finish it’. She offered to get me a smaller piece from the fridge but I couldn’t exercise that kind of patience. Note: at one point in time, I could eat Ga Kenkey for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack.

How it went down…

Anyway, I divided it into 3 smaller pieces and took one to eat. The taste was just yummy and brought a lot of good childhood memories. Soon I was done and definitely wanted more. Without hesitation, I went for round 2 and properly enjoyed it as my friend and I chatted. At this point I was actually full. So anything that found its way into my stomach from that point on would just be a greed bite.

I returned to the kitchen with my plate and an intention to do the dishes… Until I saw the third piece of the kenkey! It had to be thrown away and this sincerely made me sad. I looked at it and thought ‘ah but this small piece, I can eat it. Or?’ With barely a nudge from my friend, I did the do. If you’ve ever had Ga kenkey, then you probably know how much water I drank plus how ‘slow’ I became afterwards haha!

Remember yesterday…

The following day I was sitting at my desk feeling overwhelmed with the business goals of a certain impeding project. It looked huge. Gosh, how was I ever going to finish it?! What with all the other ongoing happenings in my life. All of a sudden a thought crossed my mind ‘remember yesterday’s ball of kenkey?’ Why, yes of course I did! When I first saw the huge ball staring at me, it looked overwhelming. However, when I divided it into pieces, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy, like my kids say.

The only reason I conquered it so masterfully was because I divided it into smaller pieces. Upon this insight I promised myself to use the principle of the Ga Kenkey to conquer my business goals too. In other words, I’ll break down the bigger goal into smaller goals and attack each in smaller chunks, just like my beloved kenkey morsels.

This concept is not new…

Fact: the principle of the Ga kenkey is not new to me or anyone. Many books on goal setting and others have explained it with different examples. I practice breaking down my goal into smaller chunks quite often and yet, almost every time at the beginning of a new project, the size of the vision scars me. I believe God simply used a favourite food of mine to remind me that I’ve got this.

Dearest reader, as you pursue your own goals, if you ever feel overwhelmed just remember the principle of Ama Duncan’s Ga Kenkey. You’ve got this!

Ama xx

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Photo Credit: Vera Obeng Photography