Lady Afi Amoro, Founder of Jandel Limited was one of our speakers for iFAB 2023. She was unable to join us in person and so invited our video production team to record her. In her presentation, she touched on all the 8 dimensions of wellness giving very valuable tips on how to take care of each aspect.

These are some of the tips she shared:

*Mental wellness – share what is worrying you with other people.

*Physical wellness – have a regime that will enable you to fix physical fitness into your scheme.

*Financial wellness – financial security can come in the form of investment because little drops of water gives future security.

*Social wellness – Wellness is also linked to your social connectedness. Even if you are single, connect with people so that there is always a bedrock on which you can fall. Interact with your environment, you are a part of a world.

*Environmental wellness – try to keep your environment clean and live a green life. 

*Spiritual Wellness – whichever way you find it, there is always a bigger being than you because you didn’t come to this world by yourself. 

*It was her bonus Pan-African tips for me:

*Be proud that you’re from Africa.

*Eat healthy African foods.

*Wear African clothes.

Lady Afi ended by saying ‘Wellness is a journey and not a destination. So keep working at it.’ For her, she’s returning to her childhood love for playing guitar and I think that’s just fabulous!

Oh there were so many wise words in her short presentation. Watch it in full here 

Ama xx

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