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Are you like a special friend of mine who really wants to create brand awareness but is afraid of putting herself out there? By putting herself out there, I mean ( *clears throat*) do a Facebook live video. Her pseudo name for the purpose of this blog is Letitia.

Let me tell you a bit more about her. Letitia has her professional job and a couple of side businesses. She is looking to expand one of her side businesses into another territory where she hardly knows anyone. Like many of my clients, this fabulous lady and I ‘met’ during one of my Facebook live videos. Then she became my client. I helped her strategize for her business. She admitted to me that she knows she needs to do Facebook live videos. She understands it will help her connect with her audience as majority of them are on Facebook. It will also help her create brand awareness while increasing her followers.

So why hasn’t she done a single Facebook live video yet?

Come closer my friend. Her problem is the thought of doing a Facebook live video makes her body weak! Haha OK I don’t mean it like that. Basically, she would rather skydive than to show her face on a video. She is afraid she will make mistakes. Not only that, people will judge and ridicule her. Plus, what if she cannot even figure out the technology. Oh lest I forget, what will she even say? Chief of all her wahalas is this: what if nobody watches her video?! Like she will literally die of embarrassment. You get me? If you are a Letitia, then this one is for you.

3 things I do before my Facebook live videos

Plan my content
The content depends on my why; why do I need to do a Facebook live video? What am I looking to achieve with the video? Is it to share a message to my audience? Is it to increase my followers? Is it to sell something? Is it to encourage my audience to read a book? I always start with my why and then based on this develop and structure the content around this. I put down my content in bullet points or even in paragraphs if I have to.

Practice my content
If you are now starting out, then I want to encourage you to practice the flow of your presentation. Practice even the jokes and particular phrases you may want to say. You also want to practice even the technology itself. Go live in a private place on Facebook where there are little or no viewers. Admittedly, after doing hundreds of Facebook live videos, I don’t practice that many times now. Actually, these days I consider each one I make as a practice for the next.

Pray for God’s help
Fact: you already have His help and presence. I always say I pray so I can remember who’s got me. Whenever I feel fear, I know I am thinking ‘I am alone in this or I am doing this by myself’. So to ease this stress, I remember my God. Right before I hit ‘Go live’, I always say something like ‘Daddy, it’s time. I know You will put the right words in my mouth’.

How these 3 work…

Planning and practicing your content will help you reduce the number of possible mistakes. It will also let you get conversant with the technology as well as know what to say. If having zero views during your video is a problem, don’t fret my friend. This happens especially in the beginning when people are not aware that you will be going live. The good news is your video lives on and you never know who will watch the replay.

This next point is very dear to my heart. It is very possible that some people can look at your videos and judge or laugh at you or whatever. Question: why should you care? Who are these people? Are they putting food on your table? Instead of thinking about those people, think about the audience who really needs to hear from you. Your target market who has been combing Facebook to find the product or message you are ‘hiding’. This is why you gotta do what you gotta do.

Look, a time will come when you look back and ask; but why was I so afraid of Facebook live videos? For now, just take it one step at a time and do what you gotta do OK? Promise?

Before I let you go…

Have you heard the news? I have launched my Facebook Live For Beginners online course as of this evening. This course is for you if you are a Letitica; afraid, shy, unsure of the technology and all the other wahalas. I will help you step by step to plan your content, prepare and deliver your Facebook live video. There is even a very supportive private Facebook group in which you can practice before you go live. Plus, you get two free tutorials on how to use Zoom and StreamYard for your Facebook live video. There is an early bird discount so look sharp. Check it out here: Facebook Live For Beginners.

I look forward to seeing you in my class. Until then, remain fabulous!
Ama xx

Photo Credit: Vera Obeng Photography


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