I first met Faith at The Fabulous Woman Speaks Conference 2016 and have watched in admiration as this woman defies odd after odd to build her dream businesses. 

During her presentation at iFab 2023, she showed pictures of her at the 2016 conference and shared the story of how broke she was soon after. 

She called me for help and I had no money to give her (it turns out this was a blessing in disguise!) 

How did Faith move from a broke National Service Person to a woman whose business is now employing several Ghanaian youth?

What were some of the mistakes she made along the way and how did she bounce back?

For answers and some key pieces of advice on taking care of your financial wellness in the area of business, watch this episode of Mind Your Business. And please, remember to share with others.

You are fabulous.

Ama xx

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