Hello! Have you ever been so weighed down by something you wanted, that you couldn’t find joy in anything else? Do you find yourself postponing your joy while you wait for something you are trusting God for?

Well, in this episode of Mind Your Business I first share about such an experience in which a contract had me weighed down for so long until it hurt. I used to ‘defer my joy until…’ and it was sucking up my energy in the most unkind ways.

As I reflected on these experiences while preparing for this episode, I realized how, I’ve had to go through this kind of experience several times before finally learning to find my joy in spite of.

If you currently find yourself in a situation in which you are waiting on something, and because of that you are ‘deferring your joy’, watch this episode here . Dear Fabulous One, I hope it blesses you. 

Ama xx

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