Happy July my friend! We continue with the 5th episode of Start Your Own Fabulous Business series on Mind Your Business. I decided to do this series after receiving so many questions from women and youth who are looking to start their own businesses. So far we’ve answered:

  • How do I start my business? 
  • Who will I sell to?
  • How do I sell online?
  • Which social media tools can I use to advertise? 

 Today’s question to be answered is ‘How do I create a customer database?’ 

Think about these questions please:

  • Have you ever asked a client for his/her email or delivery address more than once?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to recall how you know/met someone who’s number you’ve stored already?
  • Can you pull up an accurate list of your customers to date within a minute?

As a self-acclaimed queen of networking, I am ashamed to confess that these and many more embarrassing situations have happened to me in the past. This is why I want to encourage you to pay attention to this episode which answers the following questions:

  • Why is it important to have a Customer Database?
  • When is it the best time to start a Customer Database?
  • Where can you create and store a Customer Database?
  • What details should be included on a Customer Database?
  • Who needs to be in your Customer Database?
  • How can you create a Customer Database?

When you are done listening, do this test: Pull out a list of clients who have done business with you this year. If you can do this within a minute then go you! If not, please get to it. 

I look forward to reading your fabulous feedback when you are done listening here.

Ama xx

PS: I help my clients to create strategies to sell online. If this is something you need, start by booking a Discovery Call with me here