Happy Tuesday my friend! How is business? Anywho, I hope you’ve been following the recent START YOUR OWN FABULOUS BUSINESS series on Mind Your Business. Last week’s Call To Action was for you to sell to your online and offline contacts. Please let me hear from you on how it’s going. Today, we answer the question: How Do I Sell Online? 

In this episode, I have used examples to explain each of the 4 points below so please do well to make time and listen:

First, before you start selling online – you want people to know, like and trust you. 

Second – ask your audience what will be most useful to them

Third – Advertise the product or service

Forth – keep advertising with different tools until you reach your target/deadline

I look forward to hearing from your fabulous self when you are done listening and especially after implementing. Talk to you at the same time next week God willing.

Ama xx

PS: I help my clients to create strategies to sell online. If this is something you need, start by booking a Discovery Call with me here