Hellooooooo 🙂 

I am Ama Duncan, in 2015 while in corporate Ghana, I was up to my neck in feeling stuck. Plus, I was always broke, I wanted a change like yesterday. I was just tired. While thinking about what to do, I had an idea to share stories about women as a way of honing my writing skills to become an author. Little did I know that Father God upstairs had way bigger plans for me. Now, this idea has developed over the past seven years into The Fabulous Woman Network – a social enterprise which helps women create wealth and impact people through events, training, coaching and mentoring. We have impacted thousands of women around the world.

In the beginning, I knew zilch about running a business. And so I invested in many programs and books. I still do. Learning and applying them is empowering me to create wealth, and I desire to help others get empowerment too. In fact, my vision is to see an Africa in which women are empowered to create wealth and impact people. I’m constantly being asked many business related questions. And so over the next couple of months, I’ll be doing a series called START YOUR OWN FABULOUS BUSINESS, on my weekly podcast called Mind Your Business. If you’re new in business, I dedicate this to you. But if you prefer to work with me one on one, then go to  to book a discovery call with me. For now, grab your notepad, pen, cup of tea and enjoy.

Okay, so today’s question is, HOW DO I START MY BUSINESS? Or different variations of this. I’ve heard this question so many times. And it was recently triggered by one of the women in our community who, you know, was engaging me on starting her own business in this new village she finds herself in. Listen to this episode, reflect on what has spoken to you and share with me in the comment.

I look forward to reading about how you’ve started your own fabulous business!

Ama xx

Photo by: Vera Obeng Photography