Hello there,

You have probably heard me say a lot of times that my number one online marketing strategy is Facebook live videos. This is so true. I truly believe that if you have an audience to speak to, then this is a great strategy. Today though, I feel strongly that I should explain as briefly as possible, how you can get the Facebook live magic.

The magic is in the consistency. Simple. You may have recently started following me and hence only seen my Mind Your Business show on Facebook or Instagram. Or perhaps, you are in The Fabulous Woman Community and have been following our weekly discussions about business or business books. What you may not know is that I have been using Facebook live videos for over two years.

It first started with us broadcasting one of our events live so our followers around the world could watch. A little later, I started a book club on our Facebook page. Every month, I would present a book of the month and then do a Facebook live video at the end of the month to share my lessons. At some point, I started interviewing authors, including The Fabulous Lucy Quist on her The Bold New Normal. I still marvel at God’s goodness when I think of the fact I know such an amazing Ghanaian.

I was committed to being consistent with my book club Facebook live videos for about a year and half. However, I slacked for a while but thank God I found my way back! It was so wonderful when I got the opportunity to interview The Fabulous Oheneyere Gifty Anti on her book, A Bit Of Me. Well actually, there was a certain fabulous woman we call Maame Kaya whose dream was to interview her so I stepped aside for her and she totally rocked it! I look back at the challenges we faced while doing this particular Facebook live video and laugh, story for another day. God has been good indeed!

As of now, I still do the book reviews but have changed how we do it. Currently, I do a Facebook live in The Fabulous Woman Community (our women-only Facebook group) on Wednesdays at 6pm GMT. The discussion is always focused on the book or books of the month. Also, we are now focusing on reading business books only. I definitely have it in mind to return to interviewing female Ghanaian authors in 2021, God willing.

When Uncle Coro (coronavirus pandemic) hit Ghana earlier this year, I started The Fabulous Woman Speaks Live. Now, this was actually a live event we used to have in which I would interview a woman in the presence of an audience. The objective is for us to sit at the feet of this woman and glean from her life lessons. If you know me personally, then you know I can do this all day everyday and never get bored. So with the advent of the pandemic, I brought this event online and did several episodes through live videos.

To occupy us during the lockdown, I had the idea to start #HealthyLifestyle week. I asked my friend Francisca Taylor and Coach Amerley Armah if they could share some tips with us in the group. Little did I know that it was the beginning of a wonderful season of learning in The Fabulous Woman Community. Many other wonderful women came on board to teach us so many things on business, relationships, parenting, etc.

Currently I have my own show called Mind Your Business on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesdays at 6pm GMT. Facebook of course because it is our primary platform. And Instagram because we are currently nurturing our audience there. We have other plans, for now though it is these two. I totally enjoy preparing for and presenting at my show. Ha! I just said ‘my show’ out loud because I love the sound of it. The fact that I have full control of this is just so exciting for me. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for giving me the opportunity to have my own show!

The beautiful part of all this is the whole point of today’s blog post. While I totally love doing these Facebook live videos because of the content, I get to advertise my products and services live! How cool is that?! My audience enjoys my content plus get to hear of what I have to offer. The results have been so unbelievable. Today, I use Facebook live videos as my number one social media marketing strategy. Of course I do a few other things like pre-recorded videos, etc. All in all, using social social media has been of such great value to what I do.

Why am I going on and on about my personal journey with Facebook live videos? Well, if you are considering using it too (and I hope you are), then please be consistent. Decide on how often you can do your Facebook live and commit to doing it. Also, the best time to start was yesterday. And then the next best time is today. Please do not wait until you have something to sell and then start using it. You want to first find your target audience and nurture your relationship with them for a reasonable period of time.

You want the magic from your Facebook live video right? Be consistent. I know you can do it. You’ve got this and God’s got you.

Ama xx

Photo Credit: Vera Obeng Photography


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