Hello Everyone. I had the opportunity to sit with one of my favourite coaches to follow on social media. Her unique style of drawing attention to her brand is just inspiring! She is Veronica Safoa Owusu and she’s sharing with us about how to find our purpose. If you’re at a stage in your life where you need to clarify your purpose and know the next steps to take, then this is for you. Enjoy!

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Ama Duncan (AD): VPower coach! It is so exciting for me to have you here! It’s been over five years and we have been meaning to do this for too long. I see your videos and your dance moves and OMG, it’s impressive! How did you get there?

Veronica Sarfoa Owusu (VSO): Haha. I started the dancing by chance, a few ago on new year’s eve. I was at a friend’s, so we did a dance into the new year kind of thing. And I thought, let me wish my community a happy new year with a dance. The response was so overwhelming! So it made me start paying attention because dancing is something I love. I thought, ‘how can I incorporate that into how I show up and give people more of who I am beyond just the labels?’ That was when the whole dancing thingy begun. It is not just about your products sometimes. It is about building bridges for clients to also connect with you. That is when they become interested in you.

AD: Absolutely! That right there is a message on its own. Let’s talk about how you became the VPower coach. What is your story?

VSO: VPower was once “VPowerless”, that was about ten years ago. I remember standing in front of a pawn broker shop selling my precious belongings because two of our companies had gone bankrupt. That was all that was left because we had sold the furniture, cars, equipment… everything was gone! As I was selling my precious belongings at that time to be able to pay rent for that month, I heard a little voice say, “Veronica, what on earth are you doing with your life? Are these the kind of choices you really want to be making?” That voice Ama, was V-Power but she was caged. It was in that very moment that I noticed that this is not what I wanted, those were not the choices I wanted to be making nor the life I wanted to be living. I realized I had been living passively, going with what other people wanted to do in life and would just tag along. I was the cofounder of the company then but often took the backseat. I felt I was not good enough or smart enough so I allowed other people to steer the wheels. But I had to take responsibility. That week, miraculously, I stumbled upon an audio book: Conversations with God by Donald Neil Walsh. It really opened my mind into the belief system, the paradigms, the subconscious mind, universal principles and I realized all those rock bottom moments were my creation in many ways! But the good news was, if I had the ability to create that, then I could recreate what I wanted. I could recreate by planting new seeds of inspiration, of empowerment, and allowing them to reap benefits later. That was the beginning of my whole journey. That is how V-Power came to life.

AD: Powerful story, thank you for sharing! So let’s say there is someone reading this now who is currently at rock bottom and trying to find their purpose. Where does this person start from? 

VSO: I call it the Gold Dust Effect and this is what I help my clients with. We are all made up of gold dust. What do I mean by that? It is the essence of what we are made up of; gifts, talents, experiences, etc. We have achieved different things in our lives that we no longer remember or have buried. Our lost and found stories of the experiences and problems we have triumphed but disregard are all a part of us. They are very important in finding the purpose of who we are. The gold dust effect has to do with unearthing all your gold dust of past experiences, skills, talents, lost and found stories, all your passion, etc. With my skills and past experiences (gold dust), I decided I was going to help my fellow coaches leverage their businesses. How? By crafting, developing and designing impactful online courses that they can use to make a greater impact in the world. So, answering your question, your purpose is not found in one day. It takes a lot of digging and connecting the dots. And they are found in your gold dust.

AD: Insightful! For anyone reading who has made a decision that “Yes I’m ready to go on this journey of digging my gold dust”, where do they start from?

VSO: When you unearth that gold dust, you have to answer some questions because to take action, you need to know where you’re going. And how do you know where you’re going? By asking yourself some questions. These questions are the beginning stages of identifying what it is that you want to do and make a plan to move forward:

1.     What difference or change do I seek to make in this world that is relevant to me or my story?

2.     Who do I want to see this change in?

3.     What do I have that I can help these people make those changes?

4.     How can I implement these changes?

AD: Veronica, you should totally get a book on this! Amazing! You mentioned the Enrolment Alchemy; what is it? And how can readers use it to reach their target market?

VSO: Before you begin with the Enrolment Alchemy, you should make sure you’re ready with the basics. Are you clear on who your niche is? Do you know who your soulmate client is? Depending on what kind of service provider you are, I strongly believe that for service-based business owners such as coaches and consultants, their ideal or soulmate client is themselves! That is why it’s important to go into your gold dust and unearth who you are in your experiences. Marketing for me is fun. It should be irresistible communication with your target audience so they get attracted to you. You have to amplify your voice and “speak their language”. Once you do this they are attracted to you and drawn to you. Once they’re drawn to you, you can begin enrolling them into your services, courses, programs, etc. So the Enrolment Alchemy is how to turn a stranger into a paying client. And you cannot do that without what I’ve just talked about.

AD: Of course! It has been amazing talking to you already but before I let you go just yet, please fill in the blank to the following…

If I could advise my younger self in one short sentence, I would say, “Love yourself more.”

I am fabulous because, “I am myself.”

One book that has greatly helped me in business is, “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.”

AD: Aside from everything you do and what you’ve told us, what exciting stuff are you currently doing that you want us to be a part of or want us to know?

VSO: My next project is the Gold Dust Effect Project. When my Dad passed on and I returned to his village, I made a promise that I am going to do something great there. I didn’t know what exactly it was I was going to do, but I wanted to come back and do something, build something, give back something there.  I want to go back there and implement the gold dust effect where we’ll gather a group of women and start unearthing their gold dust to create packages and services that they can deliver and be of service, which can impact the community, grow each other. I know it will create some kind of ripple effect to grow, thrive and survive within the community using our gold dust.

AD: That is so wonderful! You’re amazing Veronica. And you’re doing amazing things. God bless you. Because of you, so many people are going to find their gold dust. I want to say thank you so much for taking time off your busy schedule to do this with me. We’re definitely doing this again!

VSO: Thank you so much too for having me and allowing me to use my voice on your platform and sharing it with your people and your community.

AD: My pleasure.

About Veronica Safoa Owusu

Veronica Sarfoa Owusu, also known as VPower Coach is the founder of and the Impact Course Creation Academy. She turns personal growth coaches, consultants and creatives in fearless warriors on a mission to make a difference in the world. Veronica helps them unearth their gold dust, that is, knowledge, experiences, untold stories as well as passion and package them into a transformational online course. She does this so they can grow a thriving coaching business, become the specialist in their field while having an impact in the world. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences and over ten years of experience working as an Educator. Veronica has created hundreds and hundreds of lesson plans and courses, designed dozens of program development schemes and executed educational programs that have helped achieve targeted skills in students and adults. In addition to being a trained personal growth coach, Veronica has also been mentored online by some of the world’s best success coaches such as Jack Canfield and Bryan Tracy. She is on a mission to turn millions of passionate business owner’s, entrepreneurs and experts into fearless warriors that want to serve their tribe more powerfully with clarity, confidence and purpose.

Ama xx

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The Complete Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue: Books I, II & III with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1