Christmas is approaching like kakai! There was a time in my life when this season was somewhat busy for me; I used to make hampers and it was very good business. Although I have chosen to take it super slow this Christmas, I thought I would share how to make extra cash this Christmas, just in case you need it.

The fact is, every season has opportunities to make extra cash. Yes, even in the season of the pandemic, I know people who discovered very good opportunities to keep their businesses afloat. The key is to identify three things which I will share shortly. Before I go on, let me just say that I can give a long list of business ideas for this season; however let me instead focus on how to identify the opportunities. This way, you can apply the same principles in other situations.

First, pay attention to the people in your community. Your community may be physical or virtual. Think in terms of the people you have access to such as in a Facebook group, in-person associations, religious associations, etc. Then, identify any of the following about these people:

  1. Needs. For instance, in this season people give lots of presents and so gifts and hampers are very needed. In my circles (of mothers), kids’ clothes and party items are very needed in this season. Depending on your community, you may find other needs worth meeting.
  2. Problems. For instance, traffic in this season can get to unbelievable proportions. I have seen in groups where women in businesses have struggled to get their products delivered to their clients on time as there was a shortage of delivery service providers. Could this be a problem in your community too? Is it possible to identify other such problems and find quick solutions to them?
  3. Desire. I use the word desire here to mean things people want or fancy although they can live without them. For instance, a few people have reached out to me about a trip to Dubai because they would like to visit for leisure purposes. I am not organising one this year and have connected them to others who are. Look around you, what do people desire that you can offer?

Once you identify these needs, problems and/or desires, see if you can meet or provide solutions to any. Where you are not in a position to provide the needed products or services directly, the following questions can be helpful:

  1. Can I help others sell the already existing products and services? For some business owners, their biggest headache is how to sell. If you know how to sell then you can be of great value to such a person.
  2. Can I connect buyers to sellers? This is also a great way to earn income without worrying about the products or services. 

Dear Reader, if you are looking to earn extra cash this season, opportunities abound. Look around and see what you can find. I wish you the very best of this season and always. 

Ama xx

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