Did you know that several ladies attend our events on partial or full scholarships every year?

And did you know that several fabulous men, women (especially past event participants) and organizations make this possible by donating bigly towards our events?

Today on Mind Your Business, 3 fabulous women – Obaapanin, Cynthia and Maame Ama share their experiences on giving and receiving during last year’s iFab.

Day 3 of iFab is actually a Giveback Day. On this day, we the community of ladies in The Fabulous Woman Network will give back to women and children of Aboabo Kesse (where Fab Hub Ashanti is located). We will:

  • conduct several free health screenings for them
  • mentor them
  • commission and hand over to them the Aboabo Kesse Health Center which was built by us with kind support from World Connect.

Oh and you are totally welcome to join us 🙂

Obaapanin is the CEO of Gikels Agency comprising of Gikels Agency   Worldwide Courier Services, Kitchen Services,Supervisory Services, Packaging Services and more, Housekeeping Services and more.

Maame Ama Adjem is the Sales & Marketing Manager at Golden Bean Hotel, a Style Enthusiast and an Events Planner.

Cynthia Sangaparee is a teacher by profession,a baker and a trainer for Edify Ghana (Education Department), fun loving and a people’s person.

It was so lovely sharing and reminiscing with these fabulous women! 

If you are/know a woman who desires to be at iFab and is hesitating because of feelings of not belonging or having enough money, listen to this episode.

We are encouraging you to donate or help spread the word as we already have a growing list of women who need scholarships to attend Day 2 of iFab.

Listen here https://youtu.be/7PLJoXFzx-I  and read more about iFab 2023 here https://bit.ly/iFab2023Registration




Ama xx

Photos taken by: Vera Obeng Photography