I met Coach Sika a few years ago when I had made the decision to move to the next level of my business. She was just the person I needed to help me deep dive to ensure I wasn’t carrying any baggage to the next level. Since then, she’s been one of my go-to Executive Coaches when I need this kind of support.

I am so excited that Coach Sika will be our first facilitator during the Women Leaders Retreat at iFab 2023. In this episode of Mind Your Business, she shares a bit of her story and a tip of the iceberg of what to expect on Day 1 of iFab.

Ladies, we are having 15 women on 3rd March with Coach Sika and the other amazing coaches. Have I mentioned that we’ll be having a sleepover at Fab Hub Ashanti too?

Well, listen to the episode https://youtu.be/p95DN8hmIT8  for more and register for iFab here https://bit.ly/iFab2023Registration

Also, to learn more about Coach Sika, go to https://selfsearchgh.org 

Ama xx

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