Question please: what would you do if you could take one whole day off every week? And by ‘off’ I mean no house chores or  errands. You get to have a full day to yourself doing what you love. 

I’ve been pondering over this question for a while and the options of how I will spend my time tickles me! Should I tell you my answers? ?

Well in the first part of Karen’s message at the iFAB 2023 conference, she shared about how she realised that working constantly was not serving her. And so she came up with a plan to take her days off on Sundays. Karen also challenged us to find our purpose in what we do.

Her message was so encouraging and has challenged me to move to the next level in terms of how much off time I am getting. I sure will do something about it and I hope you listen to this episode of Mind Your Business, share it with others and act on what you are inspired to do afterwards.

Dearest Fabulous Child Of God, be blessed now and always. 

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