Hello Hello Hello, how have you been and how was your Easter? Hopefully, you were able ‘recharge’ for the rest of the year. 

For this week’s episode of Mind Your Business, I’ve got some juice for you! During iFAB 2023, Lady Mamaa Addae Mensah shared some tips on How to Develop Your Intellectual Wellness (the ability to be creative, to create knowledge to expand your skills). 

You’ll have to watch the full video to get all the juicy details including *cough cough* a mention about her husband. I also love how she differentiated between personal and professional development using her own story. For now, let me share a few here:

  1. Stay Open minded, do not get stuck in one way of doing something. When you are bored, do something. Example, play tennis, read a book, listen to music, dance and you will be refreshed after this. Try a new activity
  2. Find better ways to develop your study skills. For instance, she learns best when there is no noise so it works better for her to study at night.
  3. Manage your time well. When you wake up in the morning, write down the things you have to do and then do it. Prioritize the things you have to do. Also, do not go to Melcom without a shopping list. 

As a fabulous child of a creative Creator, creativity is already built into your very core and as you watch Mamaa’s presentation, I hope you tap into it. 

Until the next episode, taaaa toodles! 

Ama xx