Hello everyone, do you desire to create a community of like-minded people who are going in a similar direction as you? Today’s blog post is an interview I had with The Fabulous Catherine Engmann, a Certified Coach and Trainer. Sit tight and enjoy this conversation about creating your own mastermind group.

Ama Duncan (AD): Thank you so much Coach Catherine for making time to educate us today.

Catherine Engmann (CE): Thank you so much for having me Ama.

AD: Please tell us about yourself; faith, childhood, education, career etc.

CE: I was born in Cape Coast. My mother is English and my father is Ghanaian. They met on an aeroplane in the 60’s when my father had finished university in England. So they got married and I was born in Cape Coast. I spent the first seven years of my life in Cape Coast and we later moved to Accra. Both my parents were in academia and so they got transferred to University of Ghana. I was there until age 14 and then left for England. I returned to Ghana 11 years ago. I went to University Primary in Legon then I went to Achimota Secondary School (of course, you can tell, hahahaha) and then I continued off in England. My Degree was in Biotechnology and I really thought I was going to become a Biotechnologist. When I completed university in the early 90’s, there was a recession in England and there were hardly any jobs around so I had to get an administrative-type job. That was when I realized I enjoyed working in the Corporate Governance space. So I chartered as a Governance Professional and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 25+ years.

AD: Wow, isn’t that amazing. I know you’re also a coach. What inspired you to become a coach and what kind of clients do you serve?

CE: I went to a Leadership Development Program when I was in England in my 30’s and I had a coach. I used to really enjoy my sessions with the coach because it gave me so much insight and clarity. I was about 33 then when I toyed with the idea of trying this coaching thing. But I had this mindset Ama, I had pretty much put myself in a box, that this was my profession so why change professions at 33. So I had a lot of fears around that.

Fast forward, sitting in a boardroom in Ghana, I found out in the boardroom that they were flying in coaches from Ghana and when I found out how much these coaches were being paid I asked myself how hard can this coaching thing be? Hahaha. So I made up my mind to also go and certify. I’ll be honest, it started as a financial decision because by then I was a business owner. But let me tell you this, it was almost as if God had to lead me that way because as I started the Coach Training I told myself there’s nothing else I would want to do. I was made for this.

For clients that I serve, I do a mixture at the moment. I coach a lot of C-Suites and founders and that is my primary focus. The work I love the most is helping women who are stepping out of corporate or have stepped out and starting their own businesses, because nothing prepares you for entrepreneurship. It’s a different mindset altogether. Starting up, I had to think differently but I didn’t know how, so that’s what I help people with.

AD: Nothing prepares you for entrepreneurship indeed! Anyway, the reason I have been chasing you for this interview is I wanted an opportunity for our audience to have a deeper understanding of masterminds. What are they and why are they important to women in business especially?

CE: If you have read Think and Grow Rich, it talks about the power of the mastermind. The thing is that Mastermind really helps you focus your energy and effort. I think it’s really a spiritual energy that you get when you’re in a mastermind group because it’s a group of people who are in harmony with each other coming together. It’s been so instrumental in my success. You know how the Bible says where 2 or 3 are gathered in God’s name, He is in their midst? I believe mastermind is a power coming to us from God and from each other and together we become more. That’s why a mastermind is so important.

I believe anyone who’s got any sort of goal, needs to be part of a mastermind and if you’ve got big dreams that you particularly know you cannot do this alone, you need a mastermind because I know for sure our current reality is caused by our thinking up until now and in order to get to somewhere else we need to start thinking differently.

AD: Oh my goodness! I’ve always known that masterminds are so powerful. In the past couple of years, I’ve created and joined a couple of mastermind groups and my business has changed beautifully. Your explanation with the God factor has finally made me understand why masterminds literally work like magic! Tell us please, how can people form their own masterminds?

CE: There are 2 ways. You either start one or join an already existing one; you can pay to be part of one. It’s advisable to choose people who are where you want to be or at least a level above you. My goal right now is to be around young people like you because you also help and challenge us to do things differently.

AD: Awww #blushing! Do you have any mastermind groups that people can be a part of?

CE: Yes, I do. I have two types, the books type which is like a book club but deeper. We study the book together and I facilitate questions and growth around the things in the book and I have the personal goals achievement mastermind where entrepreneurs come together and we work on our goals. My next mastermind is starting in October, that is the achievement mastermind and there’ll be a book mastermind starting in November as well. I only do four a year.

AD: Fabulous! I’ll share the link to your website so people can check it out. Tell us about your coaching practice please. Do you have any one on one slots available for the year?

CE: I coach a certain number of hours a week and I do have 2 slots for one on one coaching this year. One more thing Ama, a mastermind shouldn’t be more than 8 people because if it becomes more than 8, then you begin to not have enough support per person.

AD: How can we access this service and how can we connect with you?

CE: My website is http://www.catherineengmann.com/ and there is a link for readers to access a guide on how to start their own mastermind plus worksheet on running a mastermind.

AD: Oh this is so generous! Thank you. What do you do for fun, Coach Catherine?

CE: I love dancing but I’m a bad dancer. I also play golf and I love walking and reading and anything that gives me so much joy.

AD: Dancing is just medicinal. Before I let you go, please complete the following with a short phrase or sentence:

If I could advise my younger self in one short sentence, I would say “relax, don’t be too attached, have some fun and don’t take life so seriously”.

I am fabulous because “I have a deep sense of compassion and I believe and invest in myself”.

One book that has greatly helped me in business is “The Science of Getting Rich”.

AD: A must-read! I’m super grateful to you for doing this with me. I wish you the very best in business and life as a whole.

CE: Thank you so much Ama. It’s my honour.

Ladies, wasn’t that amazing? I was challenged to do a book mastermind and it’s something I’ve been desiring to do for so long. So God willing before the end of the year I’ll announce it! Just thinking about it excites me. She’s so amazing. What spoke to you from this conversation. Share with us in the comments below and do check out the link below for those who want to begin their own mastermind groups. Until I come your way again fabulous people, keep being awesome.

Ama xx

PS: Thanks to Catherine’s challenge I have started the book mastermind called Fab Readers Club. The third group starts on 1st November, 2021. Find out more here

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About Catherine 

Catherine Engmann has over two decades of experience in Corporate Governance and Company Secretarial Practice. Catherine was the Managing director and founder of Platinum Corporate Solutions, an organization that focuses on supporting entities with the implementation of best practice Corporate Governance frameworks, cultural transformation, leadership development, organizational development and personal growth. Catherine has a Degree in Biotechnology, is a graduate of the ICSA UK and has several certificates in the human potential arena including cultural transformational tools, leadership development, coaching and self-esteem. She is also a certified John Maxwell coach, an Executive Director of the John Maxwell team and a certified Jack Canfield Success Trainor.