Last September, I met Morgan Charles Kitisu at the Opportunity Collaboration conference in the Dominican Republic. On the first night after hearing a bit of his story, I invited him to come speak at this year’s iFAB and he said yes! He had a lot on his plate and yet made time to come to Kumasi all the way from Uganda to share his story with us. We had so many beautiful experiences with him.

Morgan’s story reminds me of why I started The Fabulous Woman Network; to celebrate women! You see, he was an orphan who was raised by his grandmother until she also died while he was still young. A stranger – a fabulous woman – who had very little money herself took him and his siblings in and cared for them. In his iFAB presentation, Morgan recalls how she used her own clothing to keep the children warm. Bless her!

And then he had to do some jobs to raise money to go to school, so he gave tours to tourists. This was how he met a man – a fabulous man – who would question why he wasn’t in school and eventually sent him to the US to continue his education. The rest they say is history.

Who knows how his story would have been had he not met these wonderful angels? Today, Morgan is giving hope to hundreds of girls in underserved communities in Uganda – the ripple effect of kindness! Oh and by the way, he did a beautiful demonstration to depict social wellness during his presentation. Check it out here

I am so inspired by his story and I hope you get your own inspiration too. Enjoy this week’s fabulous episode of Mind Your Business.

Ama xx

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