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So all throughout the month of November, I have been sharing chapters from my third book Yarns of inspiration II. For all those who have been following, sharing and/giving me feedback, I am so grateful. 

Enjoy today’s story PEOPLE TALK. PERIOD!


She walked into my office, upset. Had she been white, no doubt her face would be red, but as she was ‘Koo Blackey’ like me, I could only tell that she was upset by her facial expression and her rather dramatic breathing. I asked her to sit and calm down. Her problem? She was unmarried and pregnant with her second child, and her colleagues at work were making fun of her. Her request was that I warn them to stop (I was head of Human Resources at the time). I looked at her for a while and asked her, ‘what do you think will really happen if I warn them not to talk about you?’ In the end, she agreed that there was not much she could do about what people said and so she would have to let it go.

Another scenario: Amina (not her real name) was so angry that her husband, whom she was separated from was running around telling everyone his side of the story while making her look bad. She wanted him to stop but he wouldn’t, and so she was fuming beyond the boiling point. She went about sulking as if it would cause thunder and lightning, yet nothing changed until her ex-husband grew  tired of spreading this story.

So, can we put a gun to people’s heads to stop talking about us and mind their own business? Absolutely not, we cannot control what others say about us, but we have a choice to ignore them and focus on whatever we have set before us to accomplish. You see, we are human beings; God has blessed us with voices, and so we will talk.

Yes, sometimes what we talk about is neither here nor there. Like when someone sees me and says, you have put on weight (which by the way I have heard from childhood until now), I really do not even know if they expect a response. But to indulge them, these days, I respond that it is because of God’s blessings. It is not as if I have never said the same to another person. We all talk! Perhaps some more than others because they probably have nothing else to talk about. Hence, we cannot allow what other people say about us to affect us to the point where we cannot get over the bad emotions it stirs up in us and make us miserable as we secretly desire for sweet revenge.

I have come to realize that devising a strategy to ignore such talk is pure wisdom. The question is these people who talk about us, do they care about us? In the case of my pregnant colleague, how many of the people who teased or gossiped about her do you think ever said, ‘oh hey, take this and pay your child’s school fees’? Zero. I am convinced that some of the happiest people on earth are those who live their lives and ignore comments that will not add any value to their lives. I believe this is an attitude we should all develop. People will always talk, what are you going to do about it?

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