If you’ve heard my entrepreneurial journey before, then you know I didn’t have business in mind when I started The Fabulous Woman Network. It was out of a pure passion to tell stories about women, to celebrate them. Well, the other personal reason was to hone my writing skills so I could write a book. I didn’t know there would even be a point when I would advertise my own products and services on social media.

Shoot, I didn’t even know I could create products and services to sell! I also didn’t really worry about social media content ideas at this time. You see, this journey began while I was still an employee; I didn’t necessarily worry about how I’d make money to sustain it. Although I was always broke during this period…story for another day.

And then I quit my job…

The game changed when I decided to quit my job to focus on building my businesses. There was no more monthly salary. As a new business, we also didn’t have products to sell but for the events we’d started creating. We didn’t have TV, radio or newspapers although on a few occasions I’d been featured in some of these. The most concrete marketing tool we had was our social media platforms, mainly Facebook. Eventually, we started paying attention to LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Instagram for our business activities too.

For the past 6 years, we have used social media as a main tool to successfully sell multiple events and products such as:

  • Breakfast With The Girls
  • Startup 101
  • Girls Trip Dubai
  • Selling Made Easy Online Course
  • Networking Made Easy book, etc

Sometimes I joke that I don’t know what I’d do if Uncle Mark Zuckerberg takes away Facebook and its little brothers! Of course we have other platforms, and they have all worked together for our good. Just as God promised.

In today’s blog post I want to share some of the social media content ideas which have worked for us over the years. One of my goals is to give you some ideas to add to yours so you can do better. Like Maya Angelou said, do the best you can. And when you know better, do better. This is literally my working belief.


Testimonials are a powerful way to convince your audience that your product works. Several of my Group Coaching For Startups clients have told me they got to know through one of the testimonials I shared. Obviously, it is not everyone who purchases from you who will be willing to give you a testimonial, just ask. Also as much as possible, see if you can get a video testimonial. Just a minute with answers to questions such as:

  • Your name and business name
  • Your experience patronizing our products
  • Why you recommend this product, etc

Live videos

If you have followed me for a while, then you know that live videos are my all time favourite. Why? It’s easier because even if I make a mistake, I just keep on going without pausing to edit. Also, it gives me way more engagement than when I pre-record a video. To all my fellow business owners who are shy of live videos, I pray you find the courage to #justdoit like Nike. There is magic in showing up live to give your audience your goodness 🙂


Fellow Instagramers, reels are still hot and get way more views than even IGTV. You want to use it and please do not over think it. There is no reason why all of us business owners shouldn’t use reels. I have used reels several times and been amazed at the multiple reach I get, even more than live videos.


OK so first of all, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all these social media platforms are not ours. We can lose them at any time. By the way, what happened to MySpace? Anyway, definitely blog or vlog, whatever works for you and then make sure you own the content on your own blog or website. You can start with the free version and then as your finances get better (and it will!), you upgrade. I have had a website for about 4 years now and seen the benefits to my business. It is definitely worth the investment. Start small and expand as you grow.


Call them e-fliers, posters, etc, these are some of the most common form of content I see on social media. We also use it a lot at The Fabulous Woman Network. Perhaps the most successful e-flier we ever had was that of the 2019 Girls Trip Dubai. Without boosting it, we had an overflow of participants. Definitely use it and please make sure you have full details or at least a contact number or email on it.

Planing goes a long way…

These are just five content ideas and yet in practise it’s easier said than done. The key is to plan. Some of my clients tell me they wish to be consistent, but they:

  1. run out of content easily
  2. don’t have time to create all these content
  3. don’t know how to plan what to post

Does any of the above sound like you? I gotchu! 🙂 I created the Content Creation Online Workshop with you in mind. My goal is to help you create consistent monthly content with as much ease as possible. Once you learn this tried and true strategy, you can go on to create your monthly content over and over again. Moreso, I share with you many more content creation ideas PLUS how to brainstorm content ideas.

You see, I really want you to show up consistently so your audience will know, like and trust you. The best part of this workshop? It is online and you can take it at any time or day wherever you are. AND you have access to the workshop throughout its lifetime. Head over to Content Creation Online Workshop to sign up. Did I mention it’s on sale until 31st January, 2021? Well, what are you waiting for? Click here now my friend.

Ama xx

Photo credit: Vera Obeng Photography

Dress by: Pauligath