Happy 2022! We have some exciting news: have you heard of our upcoming conference in Fab Hub Ashanti? Well, to commemorate International Women’s Day this year, we are hosting The International Fabulous Women’s Conference in March and calling on all our loved ones to join us. We’ll definitely share full details soon, for now, let’s talk about our 2022 goals. How are they going?

Earlier this week, I had a meeting with some coaching clients in my Business Mastermind group where we spent time discussing their goals for Quarter 1 of 2022. It was during this meeting that I thought, ‘hey, why not share a few tips with your audience?’ You see, for the longest time, I’d have resolutions that were forgotten by day 3, but by God’s grace I have made so much progress in implementing things I set out to do.

Below, I’ll share 4 tips to help you stay true to your 2022 goals. And then God willing next week, I’ll add 4 more. These are tips I have gradually incorporated into my lifestyle over the years and I am happy to announce that I am no more a person who sets goals and forgets about them.

Here they are:

1.     Have 1 key focus at a time.

Oh boy, I am typically the type of person who gets several ideas at a go which all sound fantastic. Sometimes, I actually get overwhelmed by my ideas alone. And then I want to do all of them at the same time. Over the years, I have realized how this desire to start many things at the same time does not serve me. On paper, it looks easy and doable. Yes, I can start a new academic program, write 3 books, create and launch 2 new products all while serving my existing clients. In reality, this is not practical and I end up only starting and not finishing any. What has worked for me and some of my clients has been to focus on one key thing, start and finish before going on to another. Along the way, you may feel you are missing out on other opportunities. Or well-meaning people close to you may even advise you to do more. Please, you know yourself best, stick to what you can and focus on it.

2.     Tie your goal to something bigger than you

Sometimes, our goal in itself is not exciting or the work involved is not a funny joke. But usually, the goal itself is a means to an end. Where that end is something bigger than you, it gives you the motivation to keep going especially when the going gets tough. For instance, when I pay my tithe and give an additional 10% of my profits to causes I support, I accomplish 2 important things. First, I feel very good about the ability to have and give (a few years ago, I barely had enough to take care of myself let alone give to others). Secondly, I get super excited about being able to contribute to kingdom business and help others. These 2 things to me are way bigger than just my desire to earn so I can take care of my responsibilities. Without these 2, I can just relax as soon as I have made enough to take care of my home, business, etc. Confession: sometimes when I look at the amount of tithe I am about to give, my heart stops a bit haha! However, the feeling I get when I actually pay my tithe is too priceless.

3.     Keep goals in view

If there is one key strategy to help you stay focused, it is this. Keeping your goals in front of your eyes is so powerful. Not only does it give you a constant reminder of what matters to you, it helps you spot opportunities and resources to help you accomplish it. Plus there is the whole spiritual bit to it. In our world, where it is so easy to get distracted by one exciting thing or the other, the ability to stay focused on your goal is a Godsent. On my vision board and in my prayer book for last year, ‘put Fab Hub in a hotel’ was represented many times. Now to the glory of God, this dream is unfolding right before my eyes. In fact, it is not happening the way I thought it would; it is way better! God is good! So yes, find ways to constantly remind yourself of your goal if you aren’t already, your story will change in the most amazing way.

4.     Have accountability

The final point I will share today is on accountability. I believe if you are not new in my network then you have heard it several times. Accountability is a powerful way to get things done right, OK it can also be scary because it means showing some vulnerability on your part, but it is worth it. Last year, I was in 3 mastermind groups and had an Accountability Partner on the side, all for various aspects of my life. I also worked with 3 coaches for different reasons. Some of these were paid of course and I am so glad I made these investments. If you want to know about masterminds, watch my interview with Coach Catherine Engmann. I created my first mastermind group myself and you can definitely do the same. If you want to join a paid group, then I recommend Fab Readers Club 3 to you. Not only do we read a book, we apply the learnings and hold ourselves accountable. Accountability is a powerful way to get things done, please don’t hesitate on this.

So anyway, I have shared 4 tips to help you stay true to your 2022 goals. Which ones are you practicing already and which ones are you thinking of adding? God willing next week, I will bring you 4 more tips. Until then, may 2022 be our most fabulous year yet!

Ama xx

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Photo credit: Vera Obeng Photography