Hello, I hope you’re pressing on the upward way! This week’s focus is on our financial wellness. To help us take care of it, we have Dr. Evans Duah (I call him Dr. Wealth).

He is a French and English-trained business expert. He worked in France, Morocco and currently in Ghana. He started his career in business management consultancy and continued as an award-winning professional banker, with Business and Retail Banking experience in International Business, Credit Management, Project Management and Corporate Social Responsibility by the Bank Société Générale, before he moved to academia and consultancy. 

Dr. Duah is currently a lecturer at the newly mandated public university AAMUSTED, is the CEO/Chief Consultant of Xtart Biz. He consults and plays major roles in many business start-ups, merger-acquisition, fundraising, partnership and collaboration, feasibility studies for international companies intending to establish subsidiaries in Ghana or West Africa. 

Listen and learn additional tips and tools to help us take care of ourselves in these times https://youtu.be/rhgsTc2rfKM.


Ama xx

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