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If you are a member of The Fabulous Woman Community, then you know I have been talking endlessly about us utilising Facebook live videos more. You may have also noticed this on our social media business pages. As for my coaching clients, they are probably tired of me at this point haha! It is all from a place of love, I promise.

During a recent coaching call, one of my clients made a comment that really got me thinking. She was excitedly sharing the different brand awareness strategies she was employing in her business, which was great. Then she said ‘I haven’t started using Facebook live videos yet, because I have nothing to sell.’ This was when it hit me that I needed to make my audience understand the best time to do Facebook live videos.

First of all, did you know that Facebook live video averages six times more engagement than regular video? Well mentioned this and I believe them. Why, because I have seen it in action inside my own business. I have seen how doing Facebook live videos give me the opportunity to engage with my audience in real time. The value of this cannot be overemphasized. Do you want to know your customer’s pain points? Do you want them in on what is happening inside your business right now? Do you want to answer their questions right away? Then Facebook live videos are definitely your ‘girl’! Haha

Now, if you are what I call a business newbie – as in you have just recently started your business, come closer. What’s coming is for you. You have awesome ideas of products and services which will help people. In fact, you have a solution to finally bust belly fat! Oh my goodness, that is amazing. There is just one tiny problem, people like me with annoying belly fat issues don’t know you. Actually, we are unhappy with you because you are sitting on our bikini bodies! How do we resolve this? Create brand awareness.

One of the biggest tools to help you achieve this is social media. And what is one of the most effective feature on social media right now? Facebook live videos. Oh and by the way, you especially want to be on Facebook because it is the biggest social media platform. Hence your ideal customer is definitely in the mix walking along these streets with the rest of us.

‘But Ama, I cannot just come and start selling via Facebook live videos. I do not even have followers’ I hear you say. Well my friend, you are not going to start selling right away. Instead, your goal at this point is to engage us. Tell us about you, your story, your business, your industry information, how you have helped others, etc etc. Engage with us, we will start tagging our friends to watch you with us. Because guess what? We all need your educational content, funny style and wise insights about your industry. What I am saying basically is this; don’t wait until you are ready to sell before you use Facebook live videos.

Yes, there are many other ways to create awareness about your brand on social media. In fact, I recently compiled Free Places You Can Advertise Your Business. I invite you to check it out if you need it. It is just that among all that are available, Facebook live videos are just bae.

If your specific problem has to do with ‘I don’t know how to do Facebook live videos or what to say’, ‘I am shy’’, I have you covered. Come 14th November, 2020 God willing I will be launching my Facebook Live For Beginners online course. This course will help you learn the skills, strategies and tools you need to confidently speak to your audience through Facebook Live videos even if you’ve never done one before. I will certainly share more details soon.

For now, I want to encourage you to do what you gotta do.

Ama xx

Photo Credit: Vera Obeng Photography


Facebook Live For Beginners is for you if you:

❤️need to speak to your audience in real time
❤️need to increase your engagement on Facebook
❤️want to host a live show on Facebook

BUT, you are

😒afraid of making mistakes
😒shy of videos
😒worried about the technology
😒not sure of how to create the content

In Facebook Live For Beginners, I give you the skills, strategies and tools you need to confidently create your Facebook live videos even if you’ve never done one before.

Early bird ticket is $37/220ghs until Black Friday, and then it goes to the full price of $57/330ghs.

Visit to sign up or send me a message.