Hello, I’ve been thinking a lot about the matter of qualification and I thought to sort of rant about it today. You see, I have met quite a number of people who from my observation are capable of doing certain things, and yet hesitate to because ‘they are not qualified’ to do it. In other words, they say no because they do not have a certification in that area.

So in this episode of Mind Your Business https://youtu.be/g-AtIW6UJ-w, I share 3 stories (one is mine) in which different people respond differently to new adventures/opportunities.

As you listen, I hope something here resonates with you, especially if this particular message is for you. I strongly believe there is so much more to us than the certificates we have and hope we rise up to the occasion when opportunity knocks on our door.

Dearest Fabulous One, repeat after me: YOU ARE SO QUALIFIED!

Ama xx

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