Hello my friend! As I reflect on 2022,  I can’t help but feel grateful at how this year has gone so far. I’ve had very intensive yet useful lessons. Speaking of lessons, I hope you’ve been following our podcast – Mind Your Business – over the last few weeks. For people who are considering joining the entrepreneurship bandwagon, we’ve got some juice for you in the Start Your Own Fabulous Business series.

Today, we delve into which social media tools you can use to advertise. Here are the pointers I share:

  1. The goal is to use social media as one of the tools to help you reach your target audience. Explore as many as practical and choose at least one (and maximum 3 unless you have the resources to do more) as your main platform.
  2. WhatsApp Business is my personal favourite especially because my target audience uses it a lot. Features I love here include, Status (people are watching, give them something to buy!), Catalogue, Broadcast and Groups.
  3. Facebook is still the largest platform and its Stories, Cover photo, profile picture, timeline, reel, etc features are all powerful for advertising. Of course, you can create your own Facebook group as well.
  4. Instagram is literally a market place. Its Reel feature is still hot for attracting eyeballs to your work. Other great features are its Timeline, Profile picture, Stories and Highlights.
  5. Other platforms you may want to explore include Clubhouse, Tiktok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Telegram, etc.

Remember, except for a few platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, you don’t have access to your followers. This is why it’s important to create a database for those who show interest. Did I hear you ask ‘How do I create a customer database?’ Don’t worry, I gatcu in next week’s episode.

For now, allow your fabulous self to listen to the full podcast here 

Ama xx

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Photo Credit: Vera Obeng Photography