Happy Tuesday mate! I am so grateful for the feedback I received after I shared last week’s episode of the new START YOUR OWN FABULOUS BUSINESS series on Mind Your Business. The question I answered was ‘How do I start my business’ and if you missed it, I encourage you to pause and listen here . This week, I’m answering the question ‘Who will I sell to?’

OK, so you are testing your business idea and do not know who to sell to first. Here’s how I suggest you go about it:

  1. Identify the target market for the product (I have an episode on this which can help you https://youtu.be/00hryGnBmoE )
  2. Find them, starting from your existing network and ask to be connected to their network
  3. Use both offline and online sources 

Listen to the full episode on ‘Who will I sell to?’ where I explain with examples, how to go about the 3 points above. And please, it is always lovely to hear from you and so allow your fabulous self to give me your feedback with a response.

Until next week, it’s taaaa

Ama xx

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