Two life experiences which have greatly humbled me are motherhood and entrepreneurship! With motherhood, I had kind of been psyched about it and knew it was inevitable. However, if you had told my 24-year old self that I’d become an entrepreneur someday, she would have laughed at you. Well, here I am now after 7 years of starting my own business and 6 years since I quit my corporate job. I can say to the glory of God that I ain’t doing bad at all. As I recall my journey, I can’t help but be grateful for key people God keeps bringing my way to serve as Accountability Partners.

Books and mentors

Even before I get to the people, let me say that books have played a huge role in my journey. The first book which woke me up and jolted me to read again was Rich Dad Poor Dad. Through my then 6-year-old daughter, I finally read this book at a time when I was tired of being tired of being broke. Since then, I have read several business books because frankly I knew nothing about running a business. The thing about books is they give you the information which you get to apply. That is OK, however you’re on your own as the author is unable to give you feedback especially when you’re stuck. And I have been there several times.

I’ve also been blessed to have very seasoned mentors and trainers. Some from afar on social media, books, videos, podcasts, training programs, etc. For a few of them, I even had the opportunity to sit at their feet and that was amazing! Imagine the number of questions I get to ask and have answered! My first 6-figure money move came about as a result of an encounter with a mentor I cherish so much. However, these mentors and trainers have no obligation to get me to the next level of my business; it’s not their job.

The Game Changer

As far as I’m concerned, the game changer has been my investment in business relationships in which there is accountability. These are what we usually term Accountability Partners. Someone or a group of people who are regularly available to hold you accountable to your goals. For instance, I have a friend who has been my Accountability Partner even before I started my business. I didn’t have to call her by that term, we just share our business-related issues with each other and get the help we need. I also have mastermind groups which were specifically formed to hold us accountable to our goals.

In addition, I pay to work with coaches depending on specific needs I have at various phases in my business. Last year, I worked with a Coach who taught me how to create digital products. Currently I work with an Executive Coach who is helping me deal with some issues. I have recognised that if I am really committed to scale my business, I have to invest time and money. And I am more than happy to because I know the value of accountability. I am sharing all these so you know that if I am pushing, there is a whole invisible village supporting and cheering me on.

If you are especially an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, here are my 6 reasons why you should totally get an Accountability Partner or Partners.

Real time consistent feedback

A conversation with your Accountability Partner or Mastermind is the one in which you can ask for feedback and know you will receive bountifully. These people know you and your business, they see your moves and so are in a good position to advise you. Although you’re solely responsible for your business, you can ask ‘Guys, I’m thinking of X, what do you think?’

People to help you get unstuck

Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 says ‘Two are better than one…If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.’
A client I had in 2018 came to me because she had stopped work for a while to take care of her kids. But as her kids grew and became independent, they needed her less. Now with all that extra time, she began recalling her time as a business owner and wanted to bounce back. She just didn’t know how.
We had a coaching call, I helped her with her vision board and the rest they say is history. Since then, she’s just been on fire doing what she loves and getting paid for it. Have you ever been stuck in your business? This has happened to me several times and thank God I have people to talk to about some of these things. Although the buck stops on you, sharing your wahala with another really helps.

Like-minded people to brainstorm with

I have encountered several women who do not even know what they want to do. And it’s amazing how an hour of brainstorming can bring out so much. You know it’s really interesting, many of us are gifted with such wonderful talents which can be monetised but we take them for granted. That is until another points them out to us. Who would have thought that my talkertivess would someday make me money?

People who put the fear of God into you

Look ya’ll, sometimes the internal motivation is not just there OK? I was actually inspired to write this blog today because one of my recent training participants shared his wahala with me. He desires and has ideas to write to educate others about his industry. Yet sometimes the zeal to write is just not there. He said in the whole of 2020, he wrote only one blog. I told him that this happens to me too, and that is why I have people holding me accountable. One time my client exclaimed out of the blue ‘Ei! Everybody needs a coach!’ Why? Because you’ll do what you have to do knowing you have to come and report haha!

Supportive people referring your business to others

You see, a great community of friends will not only encourage you. They will promote your business as well. They will refer your business to others even in your absence. All these, they will do without even asking you for anything in return. Recently I had a message from my Executive Coach. She’d been invited to train some people and wanted me to co-facilitate. There is no way I would have known about the opportunity had she not mentioned my name. May God bless us with such supportive Accountability Partners. Amen.

People rooting and praying for your business

It gives your partners joy to see you do well. Have you ever seen someone on TV and immediately picked the phone to call them so others know you know them? That is the kind of feeling your Accountability Partners get when they see you crush it. Why? Because they are investing in you, your success is their success. My current mastermind groups are full of praying Christian women. Their goals are on my prayer list and I know mine are on theirs as well. My coaching clients, even past ones are still on my prayer list too. Do you know how I feel when I see them winning? It’s priceless!

Group Coaching for Startups

If you have stayed with me this far and don’t have already, I hope I have convinced you. My 6 reasons why you need an Accountability Partner is not exhaustive. These are my opinions based on my experiences and I hope they speak to you. If you are new in business or aspiring to start your own business, let me share my Group Coaching For Startups with you. I am very passionate about helping you plan, execute and achieve your business goals. As long as you are committed, by God’s grace I commit to helping you:

  • Start your business
  • Get unstuck in your business
  • Clarify your business goals
  • Brainstorm and decide on actions to take
  • Take action
  • Pray for direction and success

Please click here, if the Group Coaching For Startups is what you need at this moment in your business. My 4th cohort starts on 21st January, 2021. It’s online and you’ll meet a group of wonderful fabulous women waiting to help you get to the next level. Until then, I’ll see you here at the same time next week.

Ama xx

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